Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy holidays

I can't believe how damn fast this year is going by...Christmas is already here and this week is my last week of school for two weeks. *Screams* PARTY. XD

Not really...it's gonna be a long break though...my mom is getting a hysterectomy tomorrow..and I love my mom but she's very dramatic and I'm preparing myself for these next few weeks....I know she's gonna be all crazy but in the end she's going to be very happy she got it done.

She has to drink that shit I had too when I went into surgery...haha..that sucks for her!! Now she can feel my pain...man...that crap was the worst thing ever! I can put up with the damn surgery any day but that shit I had to drink...no way I rather die. =D It's absolutely terrible.

I'm suppose to spend this weekend with Abbi which is coool. ^^ I'm excited!! She walked in this morning with a box full of damn presents...aha..I could of mistakin her for Santa clause the way she had so many gifts. =] She's too nice.....which makes me think...how the hell am I going to top anything she gets me...? I don't know what the fuck to do for her..........any ideas..?

SO finals start tomorrow and end friday...which just is dandy! I hate tests....I get panicked then I forget everything cause I freak out....I'm not good with tests even though I know the shit....>.<

I put on yellow and green eye shadow today and I got lots of complements. A lot of people liked it...it makes me smile. Haha..My friend said it reminded her of spirit. XD I thought that was amusing.

(That is not my eye btw. I have eyebrows unlike this brood. XD aha)

Well....not sure what else to say.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and get everything and more!!!=D

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