Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy holidays

I can't believe how damn fast this year is going by...Christmas is already here and this week is my last week of school for two weeks. *Screams* PARTY. XD

Not really...it's gonna be a long break though...my mom is getting a hysterectomy tomorrow..and I love my mom but she's very dramatic and I'm preparing myself for these next few weeks....I know she's gonna be all crazy but in the end she's going to be very happy she got it done.

She has to drink that shit I had too when I went into surgery...haha..that sucks for her!! Now she can feel my pain...man...that crap was the worst thing ever! I can put up with the damn surgery any day but that shit I had to drink...no way I rather die. =D It's absolutely terrible.

I'm suppose to spend this weekend with Abbi which is coool. ^^ I'm excited!! She walked in this morning with a box full of damn presents...aha..I could of mistakin her for Santa clause the way she had so many gifts. =] She's too nice.....which makes me think...how the hell am I going to top anything she gets me...? I don't know what the fuck to do for her..........any ideas..?

SO finals start tomorrow and end friday...which just is dandy! I hate tests....I get panicked then I forget everything cause I freak out....I'm not good with tests even though I know the shit....>.<

I put on yellow and green eye shadow today and I got lots of complements. A lot of people liked it...it makes me smile. Haha..My friend said it reminded her of spirit. XD I thought that was amusing.

(That is not my eye btw. I have eyebrows unlike this brood. XD aha)

Well....not sure what else to say.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and get everything and more!!!=D

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


It's funny looking back on old things..or the past in general. How at the time.....nothing was changing, and yet you look back now and everything is different. Ironic right....? I know. Xp

I don't use this blog. I did what I finally wanted and I made a new one. If you want it, leave me a comment, I may not give it to you I may. Either way don't take it wrong if I don't. ^^

School is going pretty damn good.

Life is...well perfect. It seems like everything has come into perspective. I'm so happy and content with my life..with who I am.

I'm not sure if and when I'll get on this again, so until then See ya. =)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

making life my bitch

Ever feel like your on a certain path and everything will be going great and then suddenly something changes........ or maybe its you that changes, either way you no longer feel the same you did and soon your path is changed yet again?!

Ever wanted to just SCREAM exactly what your feeling out and just let all your most inner demons and fears go out your mouth and away from your mind..?

Ever go back to old habits and wonder deeply if you should start again, or leave the past in the past..?

Well, I'm always on the same path it's just I tend to drift. I get preoccupied by other things or even distracted.
The point is...I kinda drifted far far away from my path, and well...am just now getting back on track.

Ive let some of my inner demons out and shared my fears..my reality. But it's not enough. It never goes away. And you certainly never forget. It's like a terrible reminder of how you fucked up and how you can never change it.
The worst part is you can never truly let it all out...especially to the one you want to. Because doing that..
is just creating another demon.another fear. another reality.

Ahhh, as they say old habits never die. There like crap inside of you. Its always building up and causing you distress. Finally you let it all out, but sooner or later, your gonna have to deal with that shit again.
Habits, they just love to come back and taunt the hell outta of ya. And most of the time.you.fall.right.into.it.again. God, where all just gelatin's for punishment aren't we..?
I shouldn't be to negative eh, well some do die.

But don't worry another will start, and your right back to the next pain in the ass.
My habits...oh there just. FUN.
I'll do pretty good for awhile, for a long while. But then I get caught off guard fall slowly then soon I'm eating dirt from the ground. Yum.
Well, I can say for now....I think Ive concurred that pain in the ass. But I have a feeling another may start.

Bring it on. *smirk*

As they do say, when life gives you lemons. You make some sour lemonade, and poor that shit in life's face until it feels the burn!!!!


Hope is back, and feeling the burn.XD

until next time, FUCKING MAKE LIFE YOUR BITCH. =D *winks*

noo, but really.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


OOOO kay so in a much better mood. My two buddies cheered me up and showed me the light. XD lol.

Thank you from the blog twisted faith and thank you Max. XD

This is something funny max my gay friend had said to me. =D

I had cock twice in a sentence so he was like I wonder If I could make a sentence all about cock. Sooooo here it is......

Once upon a cock, there was a cock who was cocky, and he was very cock-nosed about his cock garden. So he cockgobbled everyone and they died. The end.

Beautiful isnt it..? Lol. I know right. Ahhhh-mazing.

I hate this

I hate this!!!

Its the one stupid thing I'm good at..and I cant fucking do it.


Trying to draw stuff that I know is out of my league is depressing and hurtful.. like a slap to the face,....a fucking reminder that you fucking suck and can only do so much..

I draw to help ease my mind, to make others smile, and to feel accomplished and worthy of something.....

And when I cant do that..it fucking hurts deep. Like a dagger to the back...and you just keep getting stabbed. >.<>.<

So dont ask of me to do it....cause now look...Ive dissapointed my uncle and grandparents and people I dont even fucking know!!!!!!!

And most of all..............

I dissapointed myself.

I really thought maybe I could...and I couldn't and they still ask of me to try again.

I don't want to try again....what is this a sick fucking joke, hope you've failed and we want you to try again to watch you fail FOR A FUCKING THIRD TIME.



I feel so depressed...I'm so mad I'm freakin crying!! GAH!!! X[

I hate this...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Damn teenage boys Xp

Aren't men such a joy...? NOT. >.<>.<

Well just felt like ranting about Sanyu and Beaver.mwhaaahahaaa.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Repeating myself

I've said this before and I'll say it again...theres a good and a bad to having friends on my blog. Good cause they can see the real me and maybe understand something...bad because I'm limited to what I may say.

I hate not being able to write exactly what I'm thinking cause I don't want my friends to see.

It's very irritating because this is how I vent...it's how I get out what I can not say to anyone else.
And now..even here where I should be able to say finally how I feel....once again I cant. It's very annoying.

I'm not mad..just I may do something so that I may write again without having to be limited to what I say. It's not personal, but Its what I may have to do.


Also, I wont have internet till Wednesday so, i won't be able to blog till then. Soooo until next time. =] see ya.


Palm tree's....

Never thought I'd miss them so much. Thinking of them makes me smile, and shake. They've been on my mind for awhile now..but Didnt think it'd matter, or anything would come out of thinking of the damn things. lol

I think they'd have to be my favorite tree. Lol. Maybe one day when I have my own house I'll plant one In my back yard. That would be very amusing. =]]


I feel such like a Sagi-shi!!!!!!!!!

I know I'm not, I haven't broken any rules, or done anything wrong and yet I feel I have. I feel kinda....warui.

It's almost like a second chance.

I like that. Though am I making the right one...

its worth it...I cant...I wont let kanojo no iku.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Normal day in the life of....hopeless fucking hope

Forgive me that its been such a long time I post. Its just cause its summer. >.<
It's the same as always..
Nothing ever changes here. Things seem to get better, but..they never do. There always the same old fights. The same old yelling the same old pain...and emptiness..
It eats away at this broken family...
I'm sick of hearing "I'm done." Because no one is ever really done! Not when your blood. You'll always be attached and you'll always have to deal with them...because in reality you cant just be done.
Let me tell you...How fucking sick I AM and how DONE I am.
I'm so irritated at this damn life of mine.
Why cant I ever have it "good."
I'm sick of stupid fucking people complaining over life over STUPID THINGS!!!!!!!!!!! Who actually have it good and take it for granted...!! Who have had a good life always, never had a TRULY bad thing happen to THEM.
I hate it..hate I have to hear others complain..when I cant..because mine is actually something that eats away at me each day....it makes me sick to my stomach that people have become so dense and selfish..I would love to have a good easy life.
My life from day ONE has been rocky and no smooth sailing..I just cant seem to understand or comprehend why I CANT EVER BE HAPPY......?????????????????????
When is it my time to be fine, to smile more than I ever have. To laugh and really be happy. To cry because its something joyous or amazing...not sad.......its always sad.....
Its amusing to me how things and even people are never truly as they seem.
We look like a happy normal family with of course some stupid drama, but nothing out of the ordinary..nothing really bad...
Or.....so you would think.
I'm not dumb and I know everyone goes through life..and something "bad happens"....but what is the definition of bad..?
There's different types of bad things and to be point blank..there's some that ARE worse than others..
I don't like to complain..but I ...just wonder and feel terrible...that I my family for some damn reason can never be happy or normal..
All I want in this life.....is a happy normal life.
I want to be HAPPY..not having to fake a smile or a laugh I want to feel what Ive never felt in my life....
Being normal...
I want me and my family to finally get what we deserve...true happiness.
why cant we have true happiness.. *crys*

Friday, July 9, 2010

wedding dress

I want that dress for my wedding or something close to it. It's sooo pretty. XD



Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sanyu2, bi-polar, and more surgery yaa..not

Each day grows better and better.

I like being unattached and not calling ourselves anything..but know its still there.

It's nice. There's no expectations, or limits. It's just us, and no names or brands like boyfriends and girlfriend. or couple.

I like it when it's like this. Theres no need to fear break ups because theres nothing to break off. Everything is free to be itself. whatever it maybe.

And I love that. Love talking with him.

Friday is my examination thing. There going to make sure they have th right diagnose's on me. They said it was major depression and now they're checking for bi-polar too...This will be the second time for this test, except Im older (still not old enough) and its with a new person giving me the test some where else. >.<
Kinda scary..my last dude freaked me out man. He was....idk..a creeper...>.<
Anyway so thats friday, NEXT.....lol
Tuesday, is my oral surgery.
You know im sick of surgery. THIS is the SECOND damn time they'll be putting me under in a year. >.<
Anyway, It's for my wisdom teeth. There not hurting me or anything...but were just gonna get em out in case. Lol. =]]
Soooo fun fun right..? Yep...
I'll be put on recovery for 2 weeks. whoohooo. =D
You should be jealous.......okay maybe not. lol

Sunday, June 27, 2010



I hope this cheers you up.


Your the bestest guy friend EVER.

You have SEX hair..


You like anime which is the SHIT. XD


Your growing more mature each day.

Your taller than me sooo thats pimp.
You have a COOL house.

are ahhh-mazzing.





I think I really do love Sanyu. His name says it all. Happiness. Thats exactly what he brings.

I adore him, and grow to respect him more and more. ^^

Watashi wa anata to kekkon shi tai....one day.


Friday, June 25, 2010



Thursday, June 24, 2010


Ever since the fight....I've been ignoring my Dad.

My dad is the world to me...His thoughts are all I care to hear. And these last few months my dad has been telling me how much he loves me. And how I'm the best daughter. How I'm the only one who TRULY cares.
He even called me the day before the fight and confided in me about his problems and told me I was the one he could turn to.

I love him soo much. I tell him everything. Maybe not details of everything but I tell him the idea of it. Explain. Im...idk....doing stuff with boys. Id say dad I did some stuff with boys...and I wont do it again. Of which I haven't. He'd say okay hope. I love you.

See...when the fight really went bad..when things really got worse was when my sister told me exactly how my father felt about me and he told her this the day he called me and told me about his problems.
I lost it when she said he thought I was fake with him and to others. If anything I'm so real with others that that's why people dislike me cause I'll tell them like it is. If the sun is really fucking pink ill tell you its FUCKING PINK BITCH.

I just.....cant believe my dad...would think of me like that...after all the stuff hes said to me...and how he acts. it hurts so bad.

That's why I haven't called or gone over there yet...because I'm afraid its true...and if it is I don't know what I'll say or do....
I want it to be a lie. But I have a terrible feeling....its not.

and this makes me truly sad...and cry.

I thought i was better than that to him.. and he was better than that to me............